how to reject of the next value less than the previous one

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Hi to all the Matlab users, I have made a program in which I want to accept the value in a loop which is less than the previous one. Kindly advise. e.g. if first value at the start of the loop is 10 then next value comes 10.3 next 9.6..... I want that 10.3 should be rejected and 9.6 gets accepted and so on......... Kindly suggest..... Regards.....

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michio on 23 Oct 2016
Not sure what you mean by reject, but will the following be of any help?
while true
newvalue = 20*rand;
if newvalue > x
x = newvalue;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Oct 2016
You can try this:
value = 10;
oldValue = value;
maxIterations = 1000; % Failsafe
iteration = 1;
while value >= oldValue && iteration <= maxIterations
value = value + rand - 0.5 % Whatever...however you calculate a new value.
iteration = iteration + 1;
if value < oldValue
oldValue = value;


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