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GUI to scale multiple plots

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Rafael Kübler
Rafael Kübler on 26 Oct 2016
Commented: Adam on 27 Oct 2016
Hello together,
I often have several plots and surfs, which I want to scale properly by setting xMax, xMin, xTick, yMax, yMin, yTick for plots answell as cMin, cMax and Ticks of the colorbar, when used on surfs.
Does anyone know or have a GUI, where I can select severeal figures containing either plots or surfs and then scale and rescale the mentionted parameters in the selcected figures? It should probaply use some kind of linkaxes or linkprop.
I assume this is a common task for someone who is working with matlab plots.
Thank you for your effort!


Adam on 26 Oct 2016
Interactive selecting of Figures is not really something that can be done in Matlab as far as I am aware, in terms of being on one GUI and then multi-selecting a bunch of other figures and applying something to them.
Certainly if you keep hold of all your axes handles when you first plot them then this is very easy using, as you point out, linkaxes and/or linkprop, but interactively selecting the axes afterwards from a selection of different figures is not so easy.
Rafael Kübler
Rafael Kübler on 27 Oct 2016
This is what i have noticed as well. But i thought because it seems as a common task to me, someone already had found a solution to this.
Adam on 27 Oct 2016
I think it is more common to link axes within a single figure, but if I am building an application that launches figures with axes in them I always keep my axes handles, usually in some managed object so I can do what I want to with them at any point afterwards.

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