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Proprietary audio to be deciphered

Asked by Amit
on 27 Oct 2016
Latest activity Closed by John D'Errico
on 28 Oct 2016
Hello there. There is a proprietary audio format which requires to be converted to open standard wav or equivalent.
I think it (the attached file in zip) is g722.1 encoded audio. Now FFmpeg does support g722, but I haven't been able to convert this file to a (good) pcm wave file yet. Can anyone help? Any advice? Any direct help?
Data-structure investigation hints that the output wav file should be exactly (or very nearly) 1 minute long.
Thank you in deed for your kind attention.

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on 28 Oct 2016
Hello again. Any advice or help will be much appreciated.
The header of this file is for a RIFF wave; the compression section says 0x7221 (offset in header: 20) and the extension is itu. These two things led me to believe that this might be a g722.1 encoded file.
Much appreciate your kind attention.

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