There is no "Download only" option in the installer

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Ja Kr
Ja Kr on 29 Oct 2016
Answered: Fernando Gonzalez on 21 Nov 2019
I want to download the Matlab files to install it on an offline machine. Therefore I run the installer on an online computer and I want to download the files as mentioned in the Documentation here: Download only
But when I run the installer there is no Download only Option. This page is skipped. After logging in, the Installer wants to know where to install Matlab.
How can I get the files?
Thank you
PS: I use R2015b

Answers (3)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 29 Oct 2016
From that page:
To use this procedure, you must be an administrator for the license associated
with your MathWorks® Account.
Since you don't see that option, I suspect you are not an administrator. Because of that you should contact the administrator for your license (probably someone in your IT department) for assistance.

Maged Nabil
Maged Nabil on 6 Nov 2017
administrator for what
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 6 Nov 2017
Administrator for your license. See this Answer for instructions on how to determine who is your license administrator. I suspect it's going to be someone in your IT staff.

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Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez on 21 Nov 2019
Im administrator and I dont see the option, what can I do?

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