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*Novice* Please help Linearizing Model with PWM and 2 PI blocks

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Greg Whelan
Greg Whelan on 30 Oct 2016
Commented: Greg Whelan on 30 Oct 2016
To all,
I posted before about another issue with the same model. That has been resolved.
I have been working on this error for awhile now, trying to linearize it with the 'Simply Tuning without Guess or Stress'. It is throwing the 'continuous time-delay' error, reference attached image. While I am sure it is within the PWM Generator block it is still stumping me.
I have a few other ideas I will work on regarding this, resulting from researching the topic on here, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My graduate research has been stuck on this point for awhile.
Thank you in advance!
Greg Whelan
Greg Whelan on 30 Oct 2016
The version on my laptop is newer than the one I am on at IPFW as its throwing warnings and errors at the computer I am on.
I will try later and update you, but from earlier attempts I could simulate fine, its just tuning would not work.

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