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What is an alternative for round(A, N) in version R2014a.

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Ondrej Panek
Ondrej Panek on 9 Nov 2016
Commented: Jan on 10 Nov 2016
I am using a function round(A, N) in my code in version R2015b. But sometimes I need to use the same code in version R2014a for some reasons. But this lower version does not accept this function and I can not find any alternative. Is there any alternative in the version R2014a?
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Jan on 10 Nov 2016
@Ondrej: If you take the time to search for "round" in this forum, you will find the posted solution fast. This is more efficient than asking again.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 9 Nov 2016
I created this one for that purpose:
roundn = @(x,n) round(x .* 10.^n)./10.^n; % Round ‘x’ To ‘n’ Digits, Emulates Latest ‘round’ Function
It works the same way, and gives the same results as the built-in function.

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