"Input grid is not a valid MESHGRID." matlab interp2

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I am trying to run the following code oz = interp2(ix,iy,iz,ox,oy); ix, iy, iz are 2048 x 2048 matrix ix and iy are grid data ox, oy are 4098 x 4098 matrix, generated by meshgrid funcion, and are within the data range of ix and iy.
however, the software can't work it out and showed error message"Input grid is not a valid MESHGRID" I am not sure where went wrong. I would like to upload the data here, but the file is quite big.
the matlab version is R2016a

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Guillaume on 11 Nov 2016
The problem is not your ox and oy (which don't even have to be gridded), but your ix and iy which need to be the vertices of a grid (with no holes).
If the known points don't lie on a regular grid, then you can use scatteredInterpolant instead
interpolant = scatteredInterpolant(ix, ix, yz);
oz = interpolant(ox, oy);
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Guillaume on 11 Nov 2016
wenjuan's comment moved here
Thanks. It seems the case. Though the data ix iy should be grid, but may not accurate.

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