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i wanted to read .dcm files for my project from a folder

Asked by andhavarapu lokesh on 14 Nov 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 25 Nov 2016
can anyone give me code to read the dicom files from folder and
X = repmat(int16(0), [128 128 1 200]);
dicomFiles = dir('E:\SHIVA BACKUP\THYROID\P1\newcodes\data1\13002\*.dcm');
% Read the series of images.
for p=1:y
%filename = sprintf('IM_%01d.dcm', p);
X(:,:,1,p) = dicomread(dicomFiles);
% Display the image stack.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 Nov 2016
 Accepted Answer

projectdir = 'E:\SHIVA BACKUP\THYROID\P1\newcodes\data1\13002';
dicomFiles = dir( fullfile(projectdir, '*.dcm' ));
y = length(dicomFiles)
X = zeros(128, 128, 1, y, 'uint8');
% Read the series of images.
for p=1:y
filename = fullfile( projectdir, dicomFiles(p).name );
X(:,:,1,p) = dicomread(filename);
% Display the image stack.


What message are you getting?
sir after reading the images i wanted to do volume rendering for the above code how to do please can you give me any code where i need to do find the leftventricle ejection fraction by calculating the end sistole and diastole volumes
I suggest you get vol3d v2 from the file exchange to do the volume rendering on each squeeze(X(:, :, :, :, p))
I do not know anything about calculating volume fraction or isolating ventricles. I always fainted when they did the heart rendering where I worked.

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