how to write increment operator in matlab to read files one after

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SANKAR JYOTI NATH on 16 Nov 2016
Commented: Jan on 16 Nov 2016
how to write this type of function in matlab

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dpb on 16 Nov 2016
Edited: dpb on 16 Nov 2016
Just translate...
for i=0:19
i will take on the values in succession automagically and can be used in the loop.
NB: Matlab arrays, however, are 1-based, not 0-based, so the above will fail if try to write
for i=0:19
with indexing error "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals."
If, however, the idea is to read a series of files with successive numeric values in the file names somehow using this to generate names, that's not recommended practice in Matlab for variables and the like altho can be done for file names. But, generally are easier ways, dir with a suitable wildcard pattern being one of the best. See the FAQ <Process sequence of files>


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