How can I obtain the "correct" weight matrices of neural networks ?

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I am using the Neural Network Toolbox of MATLAB. I am trying to train a network for the purpose of image classification and pattern recognition. The input layer has 784 neurons, hidden layer has 100 neurons and the output layer has 10. So accordingly, I expect the inner layer of weight matrix (first layer) to be of size 100 X 784. However, after the network is trained, when I obtain the weights and biases using net.IW or separatewb() function, it shows the inner weight matrix to be of dimension 100 X 663. Why is this so ? Is MATLAB doing some kind of simplification ? Thanks !!

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Sebastian Kammer
Sebastian Kammer on 23 Nov 2016
Looks like other people have asked the same question before:
It seems that redundant/constant rows in the input data might cause this behavior.
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Ankit Mondal
Ankit Mondal on 30 Nov 2016
Thanks a lot Sebastian. That indeed seems to be the case with my code.

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