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comm.LTEMIMOChannel constructor not working properly

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Pol Henarejos
Pol Henarejos on 23 Nov 2016
Dear all,
I am working with comm.LTEMIMOChannel but I think that is not working properly. I always get the same configuration, although I modify the input parameters. For instance, the following code produces the same output, even with different inputs
comm.LTEMIMOChannel('Profile','ETU 300Hz','AntennaConfiguration','4x4','CorrelationLevel','High').TransmitCorrelationMatrix
comm.LTEMIMOChannel('Profile','ETU 300Hz','AntennaConfiguration','1x2','CorrelationLevel','Medium').TransmitCorrelationMatrix
comm.LTEMIMOChannel('Profile','ETU 300Hz','AntennaConfiguration','2x2','CorrelationLevel','High').TransmitCorrelationMatrix
comm.LTEMIMOChannel('Profile','ETU 300Hz','AntennaConfiguration','4x2','CorrelationLevel','Medium').TransmitCorrelationMatrix
and the output is the identity matrix. The same applies for other outputs, such as ReceiveCorrelationMatrix. At the end, it seems that the constructor only takes the default parameter, regardless of inputs. Did anybody experiment the same behavior? I am using MATLAB R2015b and Communications Toolbox 6.1.
Thank you.


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