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Build a Standalone exe to visualise flight data Requirements?

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Ted Yang
Ted Yang on 24 Nov 2016
Hi all,
I am trying to identify the requirement to build a standalone application .exe that I can run without the presence of Matlab and Simulink on another computer with the simulation software installed. I have my simulink model which I interface with FlightGear that will pull data in from the workspace and send it to FlightGear through this Simulink model interface. In terms of logical flow as follows: Once I execute the .exe, 1.)it should ask the user to select a .mat file(which contains flight data), it is to populate the input of the Simulink model. 2.) Ask the user to select a .bat file to open, in order to initialise the FlightGear environment 3.) Once the first two is executed the .exe should run the simulation in order to visualise flight behavior. Here is my model that interface with FlightGear, the inputs are within the masks.
Is it correct to use Simulink coder in order to build this? And do I need to create a GUI interface for users to upload the required files into the program?
I also created a Matlab script that is able to run the visualisation in a logical flow but I am unsure if it should be part of the .exe standalone file. Suggestions would be great!


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