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How to attract solution from ANSYS Maxwell?

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I have a solution file from ANSYS Maxwell which contains value of electric field (Ex,Ey,Ez) in required area. File format is .fld, I have tried to import file as matrix to Matlab but it just transfers file to one column table with all data in it. I will attach a pic of this table for example. How I can get a proper matrix? Maybe there is another file format or solution type in ANSYS Maxwell I can use to get my matrix? Thank you.

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Alexander Mustonen
Alexander Mustonen on 5 Dec 2016
So problem is no more, just open file .fld in Excell and separate columns.

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Meme Young
Meme Young on 12 Jan 2021
How many cols do you have in your fld file? I have 9 cols, the first 3 are the position of the point and the latter 6 are "complex vector data". But I think vector data in 3D coordinates just needs 3 cols instead of 6; Why are there 6 cols?

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