How to remove "+" sign of package directory (SVN commit problem)

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Hello, in my project I try to use the logger but, "unfortunately" the "Packages Create Namespaces" with a "+" in the folder name is used (I'm not allowed to commit directories starting with "+" into our SVN).
There I wonder how I could remove the "+" sign and still use the functionality shipped by logging4matlab.
I use the logging object in the following way Lg = logging.getLogger('mylogger', 'path', General.LogFileName);'Start');
Thank you

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Adam on 12 Dec 2016
Edited: Adam on 12 Dec 2016
In general you can easily remove a package by simply removing all references to the package prepended to its classes and functions (and ensuring that the functionality in the renamed folder is on your path). However, there are a few caveats. Without their package the names of the functions or classes may be too generic and/or clash with pre-existing functions. You would need to rename functions probably to include their specific use within the function name rather than within the package.
Also I don't know what kind of license comes with the 3rd party code you are using with regard to what you are allowed to do with it.
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Andreas on 13 Dec 2016
Thank you, yes it works now. I removed one logging from logging.logging everywhere
I think there should not be a license problem, as it is a MIT license

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