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how to get only the central part of the dicom frame using adaptive thresholding or any onther segmentation tool

Asked by andhavarapu lokesh on 13 Dec 2016
sairam to every one i have a myocardial dicomfile containg 72 frames of 36 short axis images where i need to do get the myocardium volume from those images where i need to do segment the central part using adaptive thresholding or canny edge detection or any other segmentation technique please can any one help me iam getting like this when i apply adaptive thresholding
for i=1:18 v(:,:,i)=X(:,:,:,i); s(:,:,i)=edge(v(:,:,i),'canny','both'); y(:,:,i)=bwmorph(s(:,:,i),'skel',inf); z{i}=bwarea(y(:,:,i)); sum=sum+z{i}; figure() imshow(v(:,:,i),[]) end first image original image 2nd image is after applying adaptive thresholding but i need only central part


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