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Reading table from screen

Asked by Azura Hashim on 14 Dec 2016
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on 14 Dec 2016
I need to continuously read tabular data from a browser into Matlab arrays. Scraping is not an option. I came across an OCR example Appreciate any tips I can get. E.g. I prefer that Matlab continuously scans the browser window rather than having to screenshot it and saving as image. Also if there are other functions for OCR and how to recognize table rows and columns.
Thank you.


Image Analyst
on 14 Dec 2016
Is the data appearing in the browser text data or image data? That mean, if you do "view source" on the web page, will you see the same numbers there or just a reference to an image?
Hi, Effectively the data is in an image
on 14 Dec 2016
Wouldn't the time be better spent talking to the owner of the data so it is published in a way that can be parsed?
On top of the OCR problem, you're going to also have to interface matlab with your browser, something it's not particularly designed for.

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