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Convert from textread() to textscan()

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Aurea94 on 21 Dec 2016
Commented: KSSV on 22 Dec 2016
I'm trying to update my code and I want to know how can I type this with textscan()
formats = '%s%s%s' ;
headerLines4 = 34 ;
delimiter = '" "' ;
name_file = strcat(pathname,'Simu_',simu_s,'_',j_s,'I',i_s,'.txt') ;
[C4{1:3}] = textread(name_file,formats,'headerlines', headerLines4, 'delimiter', delimiter) ;
Thank you very muh in advance and Happy Xmas!


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Jan on 21 Dec 2016
"Attach a file" means, that you can attach it here in the forum. There is an "Attach file" button on top of the field to type the messages.
Aurea94 on 21 Dec 2016
Ok. I didn't know about it. I attach 2 files, the one which works with textread (Read_data_analyse.m) and the one which doesn't work with textscan (Read_data_analyse_textscan.m).
KSSV on 22 Dec 2016
Text file is missing...

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