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can anyone help me how to do rectangular curve fitting ? which function to use?

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L K on 3 Jan 2017
Commented: dpb on 4 Jan 2017
i have some data points on the graph and i want to fit a rectangular curve around it..
dpb on 4 Jan 2017
Of course it is; as the demo I gave shows, you can draw a line or set of lines of any style anywhere you desire on the figure; all you've got to do is have a way to compute or otherwise divine the location of the line segment end points.
There is
doc rectangle
as well...

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dpb on 3 Jan 2017
Taking a wild guess, perhaps the following simple demo will help..
N=50; % arbitrary number points
x=randn(N,1); y=randn(size(x)); % and some even more arbitrary data
scatter(x,y,15,'k','filled'); % toss 'em around on an axis
minx=min(x); maxx=max(x);
miny=min(y); maxy=max(y);
pct=0.2; pLo=1-pct; pHi=1+pct; % another arbitrary scaling factor
[pLo*miny;pLo*miny;pHi*maxy;pHi*maxy;pHi*miny], ...


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