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plot middle and end of an array

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cgenes on 6 Jan 2017
Commented: cgenes on 7 Jan 2017
HI i want of plot the beginning and end of an array, leaving out the middle bit
something like . . . (here the comma doesn't work)
figure, plot(x(1:417,900:1000), y(1:417,900:1000))
is there an easy way to do this without splitting up the array?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 6 Jan 2017
Edited: Adam on 6 Jan 2017
figure; plot(x([1:417,900:1000]), y([1:417,900:1000]))
You have to put your indices into an array, then you can use them as any other array of indices, irrespective of whether they are contiguous or not.
cgenes on 7 Jan 2017
ok thanks for this I don't want the point to be connected so i will try this

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