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HI every one .. I want matlab code for MOBILITY Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , for Optimize Link State Routing Protocols (OLSR).i need code for understand the protocol.can any one help me please

Asked by Eng. Safa on 7 Jan 2017
Latest activity Answered by MS
on 12 Sep 2019
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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 8 Jan 2017
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In my opinion, you need the protocol to understand the code, not the code to understand the protocol. The protocol defines what should happen; any given code will at most match the protocol and might well have bugs that do not agree with the protocol. Any given code is unlikely to make clear what parts of the protocol are mandatory and which parts are optional.
I have studied network protocols and I find that texts describing and analyzing the protocols are much easier to understand than code for the protocols.

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*Thank you to answer me Mr.Walter Roberson *
Of course ... I studied routing protocol and understand how it works, but I want to link the theoretical side, who studied with the actual application ( code ) using MATLAB program to understand more .

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Answer by MS
on 12 Sep 2019

I've written a code that demonstrates the selection of Multi-Point Relay nodes in the Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) routing protocol.
Hope this helps.


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