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How can i use plot3 function in simulink ?

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Lets say i want to draw a 3d line using ramp in x, y, z as input. I want to plot it using plot3(u,v,w)... I just got an update of the latest point, thats all...
How can i draw the growing line using plot3 in a Matlab Function Block inside a simulink .mdl?

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Larasmoyo Nugroho
Larasmoyo Nugroho on 9 Jan 2017
Edited: Larasmoyo Nugroho on 9 Jan 2017
ok i got it... just paste this to the Matlab Function Block
function fcn(u,v,w)
hold on;
grid on;
but now i want to put stem3 function in the block, it wasnt allowed in R2014a !
==> function 'stem3' is not supported for standalone code generation....
how can i solve this...??


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