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Can I (de-)activate enabled subsystems as usual after the model has been compiled in Rapid Accelerator Mode without rebuilding?

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Frederik Seeger
Frederik Seeger on 11 Jan 2017
Commented: Frederik Seeger on 16 Jan 2017
I have a model containing several Enabled Subsystems. Each is activated and deactivated by an unique input, here, a Constant Block. Its value can be changed from the command window such that different Enabled Subsystems execute.
I want to simulate this model using Rapid Accelerator Mode. The model should compile once and then various simulations are performed, each with another set of parameters. The question now is: After the code has been built, can I still activate and deactivate my Enabled Subsystems via changing their correspondent Constant Block values without rebuilding the model? That is, does this parameter stay tunable?


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Vishal Neelagiri
Vishal Neelagiri on 16 Jan 2017
You might want to refer to this MATLAB Answers page for this question:

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Frederik Seeger
Frederik Seeger on 16 Jan 2017
Ok, so once I managed to set up the tuneable parameters, it should work with the enabled subsystems? I am asking because I know that it will not work with Variant Subsystems.

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