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How do I assign a context menu to only the column header row of a uitable?

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Will on 12 Jan 2017
Edited: Will on 17 Jan 2017
Using MATLAB R2015b... I'm doing something like this:
Table = uitable(...);
TableMenu = uicontextmenu;
MenuItem1 = uimenu(TableMenu,'Label','option 1');
MenuItem2 = uimenu(TableMenu,'Label','option 2');
This results in the context menu appearing whenever there's a right-click anywhere within the table. But I only want it to appear when right clicking on the column header of the table.
I access the column header like so:
jTable = findjobj(Table);
jColHead = get(jTable,'ColumnHeader');
But I don't know how to assign the MATLAB uicontext menu to this or if it's possible ( findjobj(TableMenu) doesn't return anything usable but the AccessibleContext property of jColHead looks promising).
Anyone know of a way to do this?
Alternatively, I would forget assigning the context menu at all and do set(TableMenu,'Visible','on') when right click detected on the column header (I know it's within 25 pixels south of the top of the table) within Table's ButtonDownFcn.

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