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Plotting quality issue. Fonts not recognised by third parties

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I'm submitting a research manuscript to the journal PLoS One. The Matlab figures submitted do not get accepted (see attached report. PLoS requires the figures to be submitted in eps or tiff formats at 300-600dpi using Arial or Times fonts.
Below is an example of my plot script.
set(0,'defaultAxesFontName', 'Arial') set(0,'defaultTextFontName', 'Arial')
subplot(2,2,1) A = Frame; time = A/100; d1b = rmsd/10; d2b = rmsd1/10; plot(time,d1b) title('AgamOBP1-DEET complex') axis([0 100 0 0.5]) xlabel('Time/ns') ylabel('RMSD (nm)') hold plot(time,d2b,':') legend('chainA','chainB'), etc.
The submitted figure was not accepted.
I've also tried the following alternative. In Matlab plot, File/Export, I set up the resolution to 300dpi and changed the Font to Arial. I applied the changed setting to the plot and then hit the OK button. I then saved the image in eps and tiff formats. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the problem.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Nikhil Sreekumar
Nikhil Sreekumar on 18 Jan 2017
Hi George,
Can you check the below link by PLoS:
In this under Text Within Figures section, they advise to use Inkscape or Illustrator for post-process of figures created from MATLAB.

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