HELP, HELP, HELP, PLEASE!!! brush data from 2 dimensional figure

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Albert on 16 Jan 2017
Answered: Albert on 16 Jan 2017
Hi, everyone Please give any help if you know how to solve this problem. It should not be a problem at all, however, I have been trapped for a long time.
I tried to brush some data form I1 (354 by 354 matrix) with MATLAB built-in brush (2016b), actually you can see my image by imshow(I1). However, function imshow() doesn't support built-in brush. Instead, I used scatter to plot my image I1 in the following way:
which works, but it's extremely slow and it could even get my computer stuck.
I have tried many times. It gave me a very hard time.
I can use spy(I1) to show image and brush the data in ROI and it works very smoothly, however, spy is for sparsity. In the figure generated by spy, I don't have much detail in the figure (which is normal, because this is how spy works).
Please give me some help in brushing data from I1.
Greatly appreciate your time and energies.

Accepted Answer

Albert on 16 Jan 2017
Thanks, I got it solved by myself. For these who may have come across the same issue, here is how I solved it:
let z define the color instead of size, then it work quite smoothly.

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