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How can i handles huge data of GPS Positions _ A digital Map

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Hello ,
I have a situation in which I need to record ,store and access the GPS Positions@100Hz of route of length 5 miles. It will have huge data . Is there any way I can store such huge data and a Model in simulink can get some positions ?
What i am trying to do is to generate a Map of GPS Positions. When my model queries for a GPS Position, I should be able to provide all surrounding GPS Positions.
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Nikunj Kothari
Nikunj Kothari on 14 Feb 2017
It is possible to store and manipulate huge data sets within Simulink. Please refer the following documentation link which will list the ways in which you can load data into Simulink so that further computations on the data can be done:
You might also find the following link useful for your particular use case:

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