Error when running HEV model

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James on 15 Mar 2011
I downloaded and tried running a HEV model from here:
However, when I typed this command
> Test_HEV_Model_SHORT (as shown in the webinar)
I got this error (after simulating UC2)...
Simulating UC1, System Level, Simple Vehicle, Predefined Battery Elapsed time is 4.312
Simulating UC2, System Level, Simple Vehicle, Predefined Battery Elapsed time is 11.0695
??? Error using ==> Test_HEV_Model_SHORT at 34 Nonlinear solver: failed to converge, residual norm too large. Transient initialization, solving for consistent states and modes, failed to converge. Here is the set of components with unconverged equations: 'HEV_SeriesParallel/Electrical/System Level/Synchronous Generator & Drive/Servomotor'.
Any ideas anyone?

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 15 Mar 2011
Hi Chee Syn Ang,
Thanks for posting the error message. I created this example and the webinar in R2010a, and apparently something changed slightly in R2010b. I have found and fixed the problem, and the submission should be updated on MATLAB Central soon.

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