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Second Order Coupled Differential Equations

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Is it possible to write code to model this type of differential equation? :
x'' = f(y, y', y'')
y'' = g(x, x', x'')
Stephon  Henry-Rerrie
Stephon Henry-Rerrie on 26 Jan 2017
Are there any methods in MATLAB that I can employ? Thanks!
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Jan 2017
Yes, MATLAB has several different functions for solving ODEs. The video and documentation page I linked in my answer describe how to use some of them, and the page I linked in this comment includes another example and offers some guidance about which solver to use for particular types of problems.

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Answers (2)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Jan 2017
See this video and/or this documentation page for examples of how to solve systems of ODEs.

Torsten on 27 Jan 2017
Can you solve for x'' and y'' , i.e.
x''=function1(x,x',y,y') y''=function2(x,x',y,y')
If yes, you can use any ODE solver from the ODE-suite you like.
If not, try ODE15i.
Best wishes

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