Problem generating C++ code from simulink for standalone ROS node. How to solve the problem of Could not find information file: /home/jane​/Documents​/slprj/ert​/HoffManSu​bSystem2/t​mwinternal​/binfo.mat ?

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Hi, I have a simulink model that is using blocks from Robotics Operating System Toolbox. I am trying to generate the C++ code from it, but I am getting following error:
Warning: The following error was caught while executing 'coder.internal.ModelBuilder' class destructor:
Could not find information file: /home/jane/Documents/slprj/ert/HoffManSubSystem2/tmwinternal/binfo.mat. One reason this can happen is that the top model has the 'Rebuild options' parameter set to 'Never' on the 'Model Referencing' pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog.
I checked for Model Referencing pane in the configuration Parameters dialog and it looks this:
I don't understand what is causing this problem. I have verified that roscore is running and Simulink is able to connect to ROS, so this is not the problem. One important point to note is that I am using variable size inputs and I have properly defined its maximum size. I am able to run the simulation from simulink and it produces the output as expected, but it is failing to generate the C++ code for standalone ROS.
Any help in this regard will be appreciated.
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Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 6 Feb 2017
Are you able to build the example model
The link below gives the configuration setup required to generate code. generate a standalone ros node

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Tohru Kikawada
Tohru Kikawada on 2 May 2019
Model Reference with ROS Publsher/Subscriber blocks is suported after R2019a.


Find more on Publishers and Subscribers in Help Center and File Exchange

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