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I need command to close simulink project window after launching simulink project file in matlab 2015b??

Asked by subhra chandan behera on 27 Jan 2017
Latest activity Answered by Gavin Walker on 23 Feb 2018
I am launching a simulink project file in my script to do some work and i am able to close the same project file but i am unable close its simulink project window.
Can anybody suggest me a suitable command for that.


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2 Answers

Answer by Gavin Walker on 23 Feb 2018

You can use the Simulink Project API to close the currently open project:
>> project = simulinkproject;
>> project.close;


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Answer by Ganesh Hegade on 27 Jan 2017

You can use close_system command to close Simulink system.


It will be the simulink system name what you have created. You can use 'gcs' in place of system name to close the current open system.
Hi ganesh I want to close simulink window by command after launching my project. I have attached a snapshot.

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