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Tab key when executing the "WindowKeyPressFcn" of a figure...

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Daniel Petrini
Daniel Petrini on 27 Jan 2017
Commented: Daniel Petrini on 27 Jan 2017
Is it possible to define your own tab-key behavior using WindowKeyPressFcn? It only works when the figure is created, then (Matlab?) takes Control, and switches the focus between all uicontrols
What I would to do: tab-key always puts a certain uicontrol in focus...
/Daniel Petrini


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Accepted Answer

Jan on 27 Jan 2017
This is not the usual behavior of the TAB key and will confuse users, which are accustomed to GUI interactions. Therefore I would definitely avoid this and use another key.

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Daniel Petrini
Daniel Petrini on 27 Jan 2017
I do agree. But ex. if you want to display a auto-completion or any other behaviour other than shift the focus in the tab-order. Is it possible?

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