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Find geometric transformation between a pair of images : does imwarp take into account the translation?

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Aude Rapet
Aude Rapet on 30 Jan 2017
Edited: Aude Rapet on 31 Jan 2017
I am a beginner in Matlab and try to find the rotation + translation that exists between my two images (because my sample moves slighlty under the miscrocope).
My question: Is the translation also taking into account for the recovered picture? Because as
scaleRecovered = sqrt(ssss + scsc) ; thetaRecovered = atan2(ss,sc)*180/pi
Tinv = [sc -ss 0;
ss sc 0;
tx ty 1]
where tx and ty are x and y translations, respectively, I may think that tx and ty are not taken into account for the recovered image.
In this line, I could think that everything (rotation + translation) is taking into account via tform.
recovered = imwarp(distorted,tform,'OutputView',outputView);
In my case I have :
T inv =
1.00023168623406 -0.000123052555266618 0
0.000123052555266618 1.00023168623406 0
-0.184933876743564 -0.914678514629892 1
Also how could I calculate a "translationRecovered" as my thetaRecovered?
Thank you for your help! Aude


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