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How to modify simscape PTC Thermistor for Stien-Hart Equation

Asked by Steven
on 30 Jan 2017
Latest activity Answered by Nirja Mehta on 6 Feb 2017
I would like to modify the PTC thermistor for the Stein-Hart Equation so It has more parameters than just A. I found this answer that some components can be modified but this one doesn't have a 'source code' link. Is there any way I can modify a component?

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Why was my question shut down as "Do it for me"? I specifically asked how I would do it. Where is the source code link? Why do some objects have source code links and some do not? I'm having a hard time justifying the cost of simscape since it isn't that flexible.

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Answer by Nirja Mehta on 6 Feb 2017
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That is because you have access to components only in "Foundation Library". Access to these components is given to provide a great starting point for users to create their customized components. You could possibly build your own PTC thermistor based on source code of components from Foundation Library-> Electrical.


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