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Problem with non equal dimensions when cropping using imcrop

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Aude Rapet
Aude Rapet on 1 Feb 2017
Commented: Aude Rapet on 2 Feb 2017
I have 3 pictures, try to write a code to select an area on my a3 picture with getrect, and then crop my a1 and a2 pictures following the same selected area. I wrote this :
clear all
%Tentative de crop
a11 = imread('well5recovered.tif'); %recovered
a1 = rgb2gray(a11);
a22 = imread('well5original.tif'); %original
a2 = rgb2gray(a22);
a3 = imread ('well5 cell.tif');
imshow (a3,[]);
rg2=round (getrect); %selection zone
imgf_a1=imcrop (a1,rg2); %crop a1
imshow (imgf_a1);
imgf_a2=imcrop(a2,rg2); %crop a2
imshow (imgf_a2);
I dont know why I dont have the same dimension for my cropped a1 and a2. A1 is way smaller than a2 and none of them seem to be the exact same size of what I had selected on a3 with getrect.
Thank you for your help!


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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 1 Feb 2017
Depending on the resolution image after cropping, the dimensions will change. If you want to have the dimensions of the cropped images same, consider resizing them in to your desired dimensions using imresize. Read about imresize.

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Aude Rapet
Aude Rapet on 2 Feb 2017
Thanks KSSV for your answer.
All my pictures have the same dimensions, I am thinking know that maybe it is because a3 is uint16 and a1, a2 uint8
It used
a3 = im2uint8(a33);
and it seems that it is working now

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