How long does Hold on; last?

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I'm trying to plot a couple of graphs, but each refresh and rerun I do, the graph doesn't seem to be updating. Sometimes it does update but the old plots remain and the new plots get attached to it. Is it because of hold on;? Does it last beyond the script?
This is my code:
LabResponse = csvread('scope_0.csv', 2, 0);
LabResponse(:,1) = LabResponse(:,1) + 0.0015;
t = linspace(0, 1, 10000);
y = 1-exp(- t ./ (1000 * 10^(-6)));
plot(t,y); hold on;
plot(LabResponse(:,1), LabResponse(:,3));
axis([0 0.01 0 1])

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2017
Same answer as what Walter says, with the additional examples of when you call "hold off" or "cla".
"hold" is off by default. If you put hold on then "the old plots remain and the new plots get attached to it" is what you'll get. If you don't want that, then call "hold off" or "cla".
An even more drastic way to initialize the axes control is:
cla reset;
Nothing (no old plots or axes settings) should remain after you call that.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Feb 2017
"hold on" lasts until the axes is cleared, possibly by it being destroyed (such as if the figure is destroyed or a subplot overwrites the axes)

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