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How to export string with timeperiod to .dat file?

Asked by zulkarnain hassan on 7 Feb 2017
Latest activity Commented on by zulkarnain hassan on 7 Feb 2017

I have a large string that containing time period such as 23-May-2009 02:00:00 (as attached). Variable editor in Matlab is unable to display these variables, since the variables have more that 524288 elements. I want to export the variables to .dat file, so I can see the list of the variables. I try to use fopen and fprintf functions to export the variables, but unsuccessful. Any help? Thank you.


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1 Answer

Answer by KSSV
on 7 Feb 2017
 Accepted Answer

load hourlyperiod.mat
d = hourlyperiod ;
fid = fopen('iwant.dat','w') ;
for i = 1:length(d)
    fprintf(fid,'%s \n',d(i,:)) ;
fclose(fid) ;

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