UI tweak - Suppress abbreviation of long strings in command window

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When I am using matlab interactively to deal with cell arrays of strings, I often find long strings get abbreviated to display e.g. '[1x73 char]' instead of the contents of the string.
The length of string to trigger abbreviation seems to depend on the width of the command window but is not straightforward (e.g. my current command window is 120 characters wide, but a 73-character string is still getting abbreviated). Is there a way to control this behavior and/or suppress it entirely?
Obviously I can still extract the contents of a cell by direct query, but I'd like to see a set of results in an array.
>> U.Rows(140:144,:)
ans =
'325910' 'Printing ink manufacturing'
'3259A0' 'All other chemical product and preparation manufacturing'
'326110' [1x73 char]
'326121' 'Unlaminated plastics profile shape manufacturing'
'326122' 'Plastics pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing'

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Jan on 16 Mar 2012
You can create an individual display function inside a @cell folder. But this is not trivial, because the cell elements can habe different types and sizes.
I'm using dedicated fprintf('%s\n', C{:}) commands to display cell strings without this magic abbrevs.
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Brandon Kuczenski
Brandon Kuczenski on 17 Mar 2012
Thanks- I didn't realize I could create a 'local' @cell folder for use in the current directory- useful trick!

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