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Opposite of drawnow - prevent changes to a listbox

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I am using GUIDE to create plots of experimental data. In my figure, I have menus in which I store the input data categories and output categories of functions that I run on that data.
As I operate on those plots, the need arises to change the contents of those menus, operate on the data, then change the menus back to a presentable format.
In essence, I am trying to prevent those menus from being visibly updated, while still changing the contents so I can use them to do what I need to do. Since drawnow forces a graphical update, I was wondering if there was an opposite equivalent of that call.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Feb 2017
About the only equivalent is to set the visibility of the items to be off. The items disappear from view, but any internal changes do not result in visible changes until the visibility is set back on again.
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy on 13 Feb 2017
Ah. Did not know that.
Also accepted your answer due to the help and advice you have given with regards to this question.

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Bill York
Bill York on 10 Feb 2017
It sounds like you want to update the graphics without updating the menus. There is no way in MATLAB to do this.
Could you tell me more about how you are using the menus? There may be another way to achieve your goal that does not collide with updating the graphics.
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy on 14 Feb 2017
I just use the handles structure for that.
GUIDE automatically generates it to store all tags for the figure objects when it initializes the GUI and maintains it as long as the figure's open. For my main figure, I initialize data storage fields in the opening function. For "sub"-figures, I pass through the main figure's handles structure as an argument to its opening function and access the data that way.
That way I can call guidata() on my handles structure as it is tied directly to each figure.

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