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Connect to a STMF4 discovery board that is programmed as a USB HID device (Mac)

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Corbyn Knotts
Corbyn Knotts on 8 Feb 2017
I am trying to connect to a STM32F4 discovery board. I would like to read the read register from the board into matlab.
First, I would like to just see the device in matlab. I know you can use open to connect to a comm port. The issue i have is this device is configured as a USB HID and does not open a comm port on my mac or windows. I have attached my list of ports from terminal while this device i connected, I only have my bluetooth port.
If I open my usb device tree on the mac I can see the device, and some information.
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Astarag Chattopadhyay
Astarag Chattopadhyay on 21 Feb 2017
Some additional information required:
  1. Do you have the STM32F4 support package installed?
  2. Are you using the C functions defined in the STMcube folder?

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