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histfit help about fitting equation parameters

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Victor  Sun
Victor Sun on 10 Feb 2017
Commented: Star Strider on 10 Feb 2017
Recently, I used histfit to analyze my data, but I failed to obtain the fitting equation parameters. For example,histfit(t2,30,'exponential'), through this, a histogram and fitting curve will be obtained. The fitting curve should be y=a*exp(b*x), what is the value of a and b? Does anyone know the code to get the values of 'a' and 'b'?
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Feb 2017
The histfit function fits a distribution to data, not data to a function. You have to use the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox nlinfit function (or similar techniques) to fit your function to data.
What do you want to do? Examples and data will help.

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