Simulink Hardware Support for TWR-K60

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Armend Gecaj
Armend Gecaj on 18 Feb 2017
i am using a TWR-K60 Board with a Cortex M4 from NXP. I want to toggle some LED's on my board using Simulink. I designed some Drivers to control a LED and a push button on my board. So now i have to download my Simulink Modell to my board. In "configuration parameters -> Hardware Implementation -> Hardware Board" i have to choose my board. But i can not do that because Simulink has no hardware support for the TWR-K60. I tried to find it but there is no support.
So how can i download my Simulink Modell on my board without hardware support?
Have somebody any idea?
Thank you for your help
Best Regards Armend

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