help me in degree of membership function correction in fuzzy logic tool with new membership function creation

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function y = nf1(x, params) if nargin ~= 2 error('Two arguments are required by the Normal PDF MF.'); elseif length(params) < 2 error('The Normal PDF MF needs at least four parameters.'); end
sigma1 = params(1); c1 = params(2);
end r1 = exp(-(x-c1).^2 ./ (2 .* sigma1 .^2)) ./ (sigma1 .* (sqrt(2*pi)));
the above code changed using that formula. but, here the curve is not fitting in the 0 to 1 interval. so, please help me fuzzy experts...
Thanking you

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 17 Sep 2022
That's because the amplitude of your custom function depends on the value of σ. If it is not designed as , then the upper bound of the function is not at .
In your case, the chosen custom function is a Normal Distribution function:
the amplitude, .
To make sure that the custom function bounded , then the function has to be carefully designed.
For example, guarantees that .
x = linspace(-1, 1, 20001);
sigma = 1/sqrt(2*pi);
center = 0;
mf1 = custmf(x, [sigma center]);
plot(x, mf1), grid on, ylim([-0.1 1.1])
text(-0.05, 1.05, 'mf1')
xlabel('Universe of Discourse, \it{x}')
ylabel('Degree of membership, \mu(\it{x})')
% Custom Membership Function -- Normal distribution
function mf = custmf(x, params)
sigma = params(1);
c = params(2);
mf = exp(-1/2*((x - c)/sigma).^2) / (sigma*(sqrt(2*pi)));
% mf = exp(-(x - c).^2./(2*sigma^2)); <-- the same as gaussmf()


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