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How can i calculate over segmentation and under segmentation

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rahul verma
rahul verma on 23 Feb 2017
Commented: Rik on 27 Feb 2017
i am working on image-segmentation, now i have to calculate over and under segmentation percentage of my result. can anyone please help me how to calculate these ?


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rahul verma
rahul verma on 24 Feb 2017
Can't i do like this !! by calculating volume,
Vauto = regionprops(Mask, 'Area'); Vmanual = regionprops(groundTruth, 'Area');
where Vauto - volume of My code segmented image. Vmanual = volume of groundTruth image.
even i am trying to do this but i am getting error saying
Undefined function 'mldivide' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Error in Over_Under_Seg (line 13) overSegmentation = ((Vauto\Vmanual)\Vmanual);
Rik on 27 Feb 2017
You are trying to divide two struct, which is not possible. Furthermore, you are aware that you are using after-division? The difference is 1/3=0.3333 and 1\3=3.
If you refuse to use my code, you can use regionprops, but you should still extract the area from the struct. So your line should look like
overSegmentation = ((Vauto.Area\Vmanual.Area)\Vmanual.Area);
This line will only work if there is only a single connected mass in your image.

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