Problem with variable size output/input signals in Embedded Function Blocks in Simulink

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Hello Everyone ,
Problem Situation : I have a M Function which i need to use in Simulink . lets say that I need to use following function.
function [a,b] = foo(p,q,r)
% Some operation
So , Regarding this Function, Some of the inputs are constants, some of them are varying size input/outputs for different time steps. When I was trying to run the model ,it did throw me a warning saying about the varying sizes of inputs/outputs. Then I went to model explorer, and did navigate to the Corresponding function , and checked the "variable size" box for variable inputs/outputs and left the size as -1... For those as constants , I gave the size as [1 1] and leaving the "variable Size" unchecked.
but still I get an error Like
Output 'OutputLaneData' has variable size but the upper bound is not specified; explicit upper bound must be provided.
Do i need to explictly mention the maximum limits of all outputs in the function like this
function [a,b] = foo(p,q,r)
coder.varsize('a',[1 10000]); % The Maximum size of a can be [1 x 10000]
coder.varsize('b',[1 99999]); % The Maximum size of a can be [1 x 99999]
% Some operation
Even though I did something like to this to my functions, it still complains me . I even did add maximum and minimum values in the model explorer... Do i still need to do something more ?? Am i missing anything ...
please comment to know about it... Any questions are welcome.
Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar on 27 Feb 2017
Edited: Sudarshan Kolar on 27 Feb 2017
You might find these docs helpful to resolve the issue:
1. (see generating code for MATLAB Functions with Variable-Size Data and the section after it)
The doc is suggesting to use coder.typeof:

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