cropping nc4 file with shapefile in matlab

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I want to crop my nc4 file according to my shapefile extent. I am trying this
file = 'GLDAS_NOAH10_3H.A20050102.0000.020.nc4' ;
lon = ncread(file,'lon') ;
lat = ncread(file,'lat') ;
RF = ncread(file,'SnowDepth_inst') ;
path = [pwd filesep 'indus_upper.shp'] ;
S = shaperead(path) ;
n = length(S) ;
%[Z, R] = vec2mtx(S.Y, S.X, 0.25, 'filled');
%for i = 1:length(myY)
% x = S(i).X ; y = S(i).Y ;
% plot(x,y,'k')
rfi = interp2(lon,lat,RF',myX,myY) ;
I am not sure about my making of meshgrid. Anybody tell me how can i resolve my problem?
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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 25 Feb 2017
my shapefile and nc4 file attached with this post

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