I am not able to join webinar even after preregistering. Can somebody help me?

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Hi, I had registered to couple of free webinars. The following are the registered webinars:
1)Programming with MATLAB; Date: February 2, 2017
2) Object Recognition: Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Computer Vision; Date and Time: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
However, while I tried to join the event using the mailed registration number, I was getting the message "You cannot join the event because another attendee has already joined using this registration ID". I am pretty sure that the registration ID is known only to me.
I have attached the screenshot of message for reference.
Can someone help me in this or refer to whom I can contact so that this problem is rectified?
Thanks in Advance.
Regards, Adithya A.

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 13 Mar 2017
If you encountered problems with joining a webinar session, it is likely that the issue is with WebEx and would be best handled by their Technical Support team. In Asia, you may use the number for your country under Web Conferencing Support found here:
Some of the webinars are selected to be recorded, and can be accessed through the the following website:
It seems that the two webinars you mentioned are available here (although with different dates):
If you have more questions, please also feel free to contact the MathWorks Customer Service team in India:


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