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Command Window Update with Spreadsheet Link

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Ledger Yu
Ledger Yu on 13 Mar 2017
Commented: Ledger Yu on 15 Mar 2017
I have some code that runs behind the scene of an Excel spreadsheet with the Matlab Spreadsheet Link toolbox. It all runs fine.
However, as the underlying code takes time to run, it'll help a lot if I can see the Command Window update while it's running. For example I have a gigantic for-loop within the main script and within each loop I print out some summary statistics.
By default, the Command Window seems to be "locked" under Spreadsheet Link. I didn't see any related topic in the documentation either.

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Kushagr Gupta
Kushagr Gupta on 15 Mar 2017
I would recommend going through the Customization category functions available in the documentation of " Spreadsheet Link Functions ".
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Ledger Yu
Ledger Yu on 15 Mar 2017
I did and I didn't find any related topic there.

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