Merge Different KML Files into a KMZ file.

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Ash1992 on 13 Mar 2017
Commented: fabrizio baroni on 1 Apr 2022
Problem Statement : I am generating different KML files ,lets say 10 KML files for one simulation time step (on MATLAB platform). I want to join those 10 files programmatically into a single KMZ file using MATLAB so that I can use it to plot those all 10 files during my run time simulation.
I know that once I open those 10 files in GE , i can save them all as a single KMZ file (This is Manual, i want my program to do that for me)
What I am actually trying to achieve is that
  • For one time step , I am having n different KML files . I know that If I have a single KMZ or KML files , I can have a network link where google earth plots automatically as per update rate. I want to utilize this feature to plot my n KML files on google earth run time.
  • Once I have n KML files , I want to have them as a single KMZ file , so that I can attach it to a network link in google earth.
  • In second simulation , I will have another N KML files which I will save them as KMZ which GE will update according to the update rate.
I thought of using
But I figure that its only for ZIP format and moreover KMZ are just not compressed version please ask me if you have any questions.

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Kushagr Gupta
Kushagr Gupta on 16 Mar 2017
I would recommend going through the File exchange submission on KML2KMZ conversion. It is provided at the following link:
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fabrizio baroni
fabrizio baroni on 1 Apr 2022
Can you show an example where two kml files are converted in a single kmz file?

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