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Asked by Melvin
on 21 Mar 2012

Hi. How can I plot two or more graphs or curve in a single axes in GUIDE? What code should I write under the callback function of a push button, for example? thank you very much..


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1 Answer

Answer by Paul
on 22 Mar 2012

You will notice in guide when you check the axes properties that the "NextPlot" property is set to replace. Change it to "add" or you could set it manually. I prefer setting lines manually as shown below.

x = 1:100;
hline1 = line(x,x.^2);
hline2 = line(x,x.^3);
set(handles.axes1,'children',[hline1 hline2;

You could set the line properties as well, e.g., color, marker, etc.


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