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How to get an enlarged view of plotted polar plot ?

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L K on 14 Mar 2017
Commented: KSSV on 14 Mar 2017
I have polar plot, with some marking, but when the figure pops, i have to zoom and see the markings as they are very close to each other, is there an option to enlarge when it is viewed?

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KSSV on 14 Mar 2017
If you are using latest version of MATLAB you can limit the axis using rlim. If you are in older version, after plotting the figure, get the axes and set the limits you want.
t = 0 : .01 : 2 * pi;
P = polar(t, 2 * ones(size(t)));
set(P, 'Visible', 'off')
hold on
polar(t, sin(2 * t) .* cos(2 * t), '--r')
ax = gca;
In the above ax have XLim and YLim, set it to the limits you want.

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